Course Assessments


City Suburban is committed to arranging assessments for all successful trainees who require them. However, NPTC Assessors are not allowed to assess candidates that they trained, and assessments must be organised through an independent Chainsaw Assessment Centre (CSAC), details of which are available from .

If requested, will endeavour to arrange for an assessor to carry out assessments at an appropriate time following the training course. This applies to the Chainsaw Scheme (CS Units 30-42) and Arboricultural Operations (AO Tests).

Please note that it is in the interest of the trainee to ensure that he/she is ready to be assessed for Certificates of Competence, as there is no refund if the candidate fails some or all of the units. In many cases some updating is required. To avoid problems we suggest that you discuss your situation with so that an appropriate package can be provided.

Assessments are available in the units listed below. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to quote a set fee for each unit. This is because the basic assessment fees are set by the local CSAC, and they depend partly on the previous experience of the candidate and partly on the combination of units being assessed. To be on the safe side, candidates should budget for around 40% of the cost of the associated training course(s). More accurate estimates for particular assessments can be provided on application.

CS 30 Maintain the Chain Saw
CS 31 Fell Small Trees
CS 32 Fell Medium Sized Trees
CS 33 Fell Large Trees
CS 34 Clear Individual Windblown Trees
CS 35 Clear Multiple Windblown Trees
CS 36 Cross-Cut and Stack Produce
CS 38 Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue
CS 39 Operate Chain Saw from Rope and Harness
CS 40 Carry Out Pruning Operations
CS 41 Carry Out Dismantling Operations
AO 3 Bracing
AO 6 Brushwood Chipper
AO 7 Stump Grinder
AO 12 Brush Cutter & Clearing Saw
Units 1 & 2 Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment (level 3)
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