Every tree is different and every site has it's own special features that need to be taken into consideration before a price can be given and our estimates are free of charge and can be arranged at a convenient time to suit our customers.

When pricing tree works we take in the following factors

  • Our customers requirements
  • The size, species and condition of the tree
  • Whether the customers request will severely damage the tree, have an adverse effect to its surroundings or be unpractical
  • If the tree is protected by a "Tree Preservation Order" or within a "Conservation Area" and whether the clients request will be accepted by the local authority
  • Access to the tree for carrying out the works and for clearing the debris
  • Health and safety, when producing an estimate by law we are required to carry out a site specific risk assessment to protect our staff and the public from danger
  • Surrounding features on the site that may effect the works
  • Parking requirements to carry out the works, in many areas parking control is in place and we need to apply for parking restrictions
  • The specific tools, plant and machinery that will be required to carry out the work

We believe that giving prices over the phone is unprofessional and unfair to our customers

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