Professional Development

As an Arboricultural Contractor, we recognise that our commitment to a full employee training and continuing professional development programme, has been a major factor in the success and growth of the company.

Training takes the form of regular in-house Arboriculture & Forestry Advisory Groug (AFAG) refresher and generic training in "Best Industry Practice" by our highly-qualified and experienced management team, backed by external courses, seminars and the continual monitoring of training requirements by the use of our quality management system.

Continuing Professional Development is achieved by our participation in the promotion, financial support and encouragement of staff in obtaining a higher level of qualification. Under this incentive programme, many of our employees have achieved The "International Society of Arboriculture's" Certified Arborist Programme, the "Royal Forestry Society's" Cert Arb / Professional Diploma and City and Guilds Course's in Arboriculture.

This has ensured that highest possible levels of service are constantly achieved.

Arboricultural qualifications held by members of staff:
  • Royal Forestry Society Professional Diploma in Arboriculture
  • National Diploma in Arboriculture
  • Royal Forestry Society Certificate in Arboriculture
  • National Certificate in Arboriculture
  • City & Guilds Arboriculture Phases II & III
  • National Proficiency Tests Council Certificates in Climbing, Chainsaw use, Wood-chipper use, Stump-grinder use, Risk assessment, Chemical spraying, Equipment inspection.
  • DETR Traffic Management Qualifications
  • CITB Construction Design & Management Qualifications
  • CITB First Aid Qualifications
  • In-house achived standards in customer care and management