Training And Assessment


All training courses qualify for either LANTRA Awards Certificates or Records of Training and Achievement.

Our 'aerial' courses are run to the new BS8454 (2006) delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue.

Training-Only Courses, Leading to NPTC Certification.
These courses are intended for "someone who anticipates seeking contractual work in commercial forestry, amenity and/or utility arboriculture".

Arboricultural Dismantling Techniques (ADT)

Arboricultural Pruning Operations (APO)

Advanced Chainsaw Large Trees (ACL)

Dealing with Individual Windblown Trees (ACW)

Advanced Tree Climbing & Equipment (ATC)

Basic Chainsaw (BCT)

Basic Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue (BTC)

Basic Tree Survey and Inspection (BTHS)

Felling Small Trees up to 380mm, including the Takedown of Hung-up Trees Using Hand Tools (BTF)

Cable & Rope Bracing (CRB)

Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting (CMX)

Felling Medium Trees (CPM)

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MWP)

Powered Pole Pruners (PPP)

Clearing Saws, Brushcutters and Trimmers (SBC)

Stumpgrinders (STG)

Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment (LOL)

Using a Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness (CRH)

Woodchippers (WCH)


Integrated Training & Assessment.
These are Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA) courses, leading to a LANTRA Awards Certificate in Basic Training.

ITA Courses are aimed at 'low risk' users who do not intend to work in commercial Forestry or Arboriculture. ITA Certificates have a shelf life of five years.

Clearing Saws, Brushcutters and Trimmers (SBC)

Stumpgrinders (STG)

Woodchippers (WCH)

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MWP)