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Tree Pruning & Managing Natural Waste

Read our insights on tree pruning and how to manage your natural waste.

When is the best time to prune your trees?

Once the leaves fall during autumn, and then before the new blooms emerge on the tree during mid to late spring. Throughout autumn, winter and into spring is the best time of year to prune, as trees often pause in a dormant state and halt growth during this time.

Also, when the trees are not in full leaf, it provides the arboriculturist, the opportunity to observe the tree clearly, it’s structural state and to determine where branches can be cut or trimmed back.

By pruning during the dormant season, the process promotes healthy growth, whilst also halting any extra unwanted growth. Trees can be tidied and shaped and any likelihood of branches causing accidental damage can be removed. It also provides an important opportunity to manage disease and to protect the tree from any further damage.

How often should trees be pruned?

Trees tend to be pruned on a 3 – 5 year cycle or once their growth has optimised again. However, their pruning schedule can depend individually on the type of tree, its age, and state of health.

How can you manage the waste?

For any arboriculturist or tree surgeon working in the Southeast UK, Surrey based City Suburban Tree Surgeons Recycling are here to take arisings directly off your hands. Our environmentally friendly recycling depot facility is centrally based to accept logs, brash and leaves. And, with ‘easy to tip’ facilities, we provide a quick and accessible solution to remove unwanted tree waste from your vehicles. To find out more or to book a drop-off time either in advance or actually on the day, please contact us.

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