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Looking For Alternative Options To Peat-Free Compost?

UK peatlands provide valuable eco-systems and so it is important that we utilise alternative methods for growing flowers and crops.

Adding compost to your flower and vegetable beds can hugely benefit the soil quality, however finding good quality peat-free compost can be tricky.

We have learnt over recent years, that our UK peatlands provide valuable eco-systems and can significantly reduce carbon dioxide. Subsequently, there is a keen interest to find alternative solutions, so that we may preserve such a valuable natural resource.

Alternatively, by using a locally sourced peat-free compost like naturally decomposed organic compost, supplied by City Suburban Tree Surgeons Recycling, can make a huge difference to your soil quality and the growth of your plants.

Not only does organic compost improve soil conditions by adding essential nutrients, it improves soil structure by promoting better root development, aeration, and drainage. Furthermore, it also helps to retain water within the natural material, which can help plants to survive during tough draught conditions.

To find out more about our environmentally friendly and naturally sustainable compost, please get in touch for more details.

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