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Where to start when landscaping your garden

The thought of landscaping your garden, might feel like a colossal task, yet actually if you break down the area into zones you can start to build a beautiful aesthetically pleasing space, which is full of colour and texture.

To help to envisage the space, here are some considerations to make before you start!

Landscaping your garden what to look out for?

So, what should you consider when landscaping your Surrey Garden?

  1. Start by working out the position of the sun and understand how the light and the shade moves around the space. Are their areas which catch the light in the morning or in the evening? Are there areas where it could stay in full sun or shade? By understanding the movement of the light and shade, will not only help you with deciding on positions of seating, but also planting and the types of shrubs you can grow according to their light / shade tolerance.
  2. Think about the space and what you would like to use it for. Would you like somewhere to spend time sitting and relaxing on an evening? Would you like to include a water feature? Are you considering growing some vegetables or do you need extra space for storage? Deciding on how to use the space according to your likes and dislikes will help you to achieve the best design for the area and maximise the most use.
  3. Is there anything which you would like to screen off? Perhaps a neighbour’s view into your garden or an unsightly fence. Thinking about how you can include trees and larger shrubs as a backdrop could help to create privacy and improve the look and feel of the space.
  4. Finally, how much time do you think that you’ll have to maintain the garden? If you are a keen gardener, then over time you’ll enjoy pottering and tweaking with the shape and feel of the planting. If you are not so keen, then going for a low maintenance layout will prove to be a better choice in the long term.

Here at City Suburban Recycling, we provide a range of services to help professional landscapers, commercial landscapers, and keen gardeners to immensely improve their gardens across Surrey and the Greater London Borough – Particular favourites to order are Mulch & Woodchip cover and organic compost. To find out more about our environmental services, please get in touch.

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